Greenlea prides itself on being an industry leader by regularly investing in cutting edge technology for processing, customer service, traceability and health and safety.

Our Marel™ StreamLine boning systems were the first to be installed in New Zealand and a world first for hot boned beef. This computer-based tracking system has improved monitoring of yields, quality, throughput and traceability. The modern and ergonomic design has also reduced the heavy work load associated with traditional boning rooms. Greenlea was also a New Zealand leader in installing state-of-the-art blast tunnel freezing, sorting and palletising capability. This technology allows us to cope with the variance in demand caused by a seasonal supply environment. Both of our plants have switched from freon to ammonia refrigerant to comply with the Kyoto protocol to eliminate dangerous refrigeration gases.

Both of our plants have also invested heavily to reduce our environmental footprint through improvements in our handling of waste streams. The Morrinsville processing facility utilises a two stage treatment system consisting of a covered anaerobic lagoon followed by a sequencing batch reactor that helps treat waste from the processing plant before it is sent to the main Morrinsville town sewage treatment plant. The pond works with no additives and is a natural way of breaking down the solid waste similar to how a compost heap works. The system is monitored 24 hours a day with live camera footage and remote operations access. Our Hamilton facility has also completed a state-ofthe- art wastewater treatment plant using dissolved air filtration (DAF). See our Sustainability Policy to see how we’re working to improve our environmental practices for the benefit of customers, consumers, employees and the community in which we operate.