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We’re a family owned company, bringing NZ Beef to the world

From lush green meadows to your table, Greenlea delivers the finest New Zealand beef to more than 40 countries around the globe. Our family owned and operated company prides itself on excellence in consistency, customer service, and quality. Find out more about what makes Greenlea special.

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Box of grass fed beef from the Greenlea Butcher Shop on a counter top

Greenlea Butcher Shop

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From the heart of NZ, to your plate

Greenlea. Our name says it all. New Zealand’s green pastures (lea = pasture or meadow in Old English) produce our pure uncompromised beef. Our beef is from cattle raised the way that Mother Nature intended… grass fed, all natural. Naturally.

  • Grass fed

    Grass Fed

    100% Grass fed

  • Free from antibiotics

    Antibiotic Free

    No harmful drugs or unnecessary chemicals

  • Hormone Free

    Hormone Free

    No growth hormones... ever

  • GMO Free

    GMO Free

    No genetically engineered feed

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