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Apply for a Role at Greenlea

Greenlea is always looking for people, experienced and keen to learn, carve out their career with Greenlea Premier Meats. Our team environment will ensure you are supported throughout your journey. Come and work for Greenlea the family business that looks after families.

What happens once you have submitted your application?

  • Review of application
  • Potential employee selection
  • Reference check ( If applicable )
  • Interview
  • Medical ( including drug screen test )
  • Induction / employment pack
    • Proof of eligibility
    • Pay roll details
    • Offer / acceptance letter
    • Health & Safety pack
    • Code of conduct
  • Video and physical on-site induction
  • Welcome to Greenlea

Application for Employment

Personal Details
Applicants must be over the age of 16
Employment History

Company 1

e.g. 3 years 6 months

Company 2

e.g. 3 years 6 months

Company 3

e.g. 3 years 6 months
Can we contact your referees?

Referee 1

Referee 2

Referee 3

Education, Qualification & Skills

Qualification 1

Qualification 2

Qualification 3

Interests & Hobbies
Accident Compensation
Have you had any workers or accident compensation claims from work or non-work injuries in the last three years? *
Which plant would you prefer to work at? *
Are you prepared to do shift work?
Would you consider going through the pre-employment process in advance of a job becoming available?
Candidate Consent to Drug Testing


Our industry is a high risk occupation therefore all employees must be alert at all times while working. If drugs impair one person’s judgement, accuracy, reaction time or concentration they may put others at risk and undermine the performance of the workplace.

Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd accepts its obligation under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 to take all practicable steps to ensure safety in the workplace.

Greenlea Premier Meats has taken steps to ensure its obligations are met by a pre-employment drug test of all applicants prior to offering a position and ongoing drugs testing as outlined in its policy.

The Privacy Act 1993 requires, where necessary, confidentiality of records. The information gathered from this test will only be used for the purpose for which it has been gathered.

Nobody is compelled to submit to a drug test. However, in order for you to be further considered for the position applied for, you must confirm your willingness to undertake the pre-employment drug test and ongoing drugs testing as outlined in its programme.

To confirm your consent please agree to the statement printed below. Failure to agree to the statement or refusal to proceed with the test once having agreed to the statement will mean your application cannot proceed.

I do hereby consent to provide a urine sample for the purposes of testing for unauthorized drugs as part of Greenlea Premier Meats Drug and Alcohol Programme. I further understand that a positive result will mean termination of the employment process.

I also hereby consent to provide a urine or appropriate sample for the purposes of testing for unauthorized drugs or alcohol in accordance with Greenlea Premier Meats Drug and Alcohol Programme during my employment with Greenlea Premier Meats.

I further acknowledge that I have had explained to me and understand that the information gathered will be used only for the purposes of confirming my drug or alcohol free suitability for employment and will accept the outcome of the test.

Are You Able to Work In New Zealand?


New Zealand citizens
Greenlea will require proof of your identity. Suitable documents are Passport OR Birth Certificate AND Photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License).

Non New Zealand citizens
The Immigration Act (2009) requires that Greenlea only employ people who are eligible to work in New Zealand. If your application is successful, you will be required to provide proof of eligibility. Suitable documents are Passport AND Work Visa.


I declare that the answers in this application are true and correct, and I am eligible to work in New Zealand. I accept that should my application be successful, this application will form part of my contract of employment and falsification of information is grounds for dismissal.

I have agreed to supply the information on a confidential basis between myself and Greenlea Premier Meats, who may make necessary enquiries to satisfy themselves about the content of this application.

Supporting Documents
e.g. CV, cover letter, references