Keeping it clean and green ... Sustainability Policy

In New Zealand, sustainability starts on the farm where our cattle are naturally raised on pasture without hormones or antibiotics ... the way Mother Nature intended. At Greenlea, we believe that this attention to the environment should be carried through into our plants and during the processing of our products. We make every endeavour to improve environmental practices for the benefit of customers, consumers, employees and the community in which we operate.

We will achieve the goals of our sustainability policy by:
• complying with all applicable regulatory requirements.
• Incorporating environmental considerations into our business decisions and activities.
• Managing our energy use and exploring opportunities for reducing consumption.
• Minimising water use whilst maintaining our food safety processes.
• Embracing new technology to recover or reduce waste discharges. 
• Educating our employees on environmental issues and the environmental impacts of their activities.
• Using materials and energy efficiently to conserve natural resources.
• Sourcing packaging materials from companies with sound environmental policies.
• Recycling waste material.
• Monitoring our progress and reviewing our performance on a regular basis.

Greenlea is committed to promoting environmental responsibility and improving environmental performance.