Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

I want to supply cattle to Greenlea. Who do I contact?
The best person to help you with this enquiry is your local Greenlea livestock agent. Find an agent near you.

I am a Greenlea supplier and want to purchase Greenlea product. How do I purchase it?
Greenlea beef, Ovation lamb and First Light venison are available through our online store, the Greenlea Butcher Shop. Visit us at www.greenleabutcher.co.nz. Farmers who send stock to Greenlea can ask for a store credit for the value of one or more animals (farmers’ choice). This credit can then be used to buy whatever meat they prefer – beef, lamb, or venison. Phone your Greenlea livestock agent to arrange this option.

Does Greenlea sell live animals?
Greenlea purchases cattle for processing. If you would like to purchase store stock please call your Greenlea agent.

Does Greenlea take one off supply of animals?
Yes! Contact your local agent to arrange collection here.

I have recently processed cattle with Greenlea. How can I check the weights and payment details for my livestock?
Greenlea has a web portal to provide you with your processing information 24 hours a day. Sign up now. Your invoice with payment details will be posted to you, or you can have your invoice e-mailed.